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>> If the camera is used with really good lenses then you can make a
>> 12x18 inch print from the 24MP camera that is just as sharp as a
>> 8.5x12.75 inch print from the 12MP camera, is this worth that little?
>> The differance might not be a knock you socks off kind of thing, but I
>> would not dismiss a gain of resolution of that level.
>> Scott
> This should be on alt.urban.legend...
> You can get excellent 12x18" prints from a 6 mp dSLR. IMHO people should put
> their calculators away and take photos. Only the marketers and measurbators
> care.

6 mpix? I'll go for 12x8" (not 12x18") as very good and I've done quite
a few. I'll even go to 10x15" (which I occasionally do) as pretty
darned good, but you don't want people looking too closely either.

12x18" I wouldn't get too eager about...

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John A. <no.john(a)> wrote in

> I assume the one on the left is the 24mp. You can especially see the
> difference in the highlights on the lips, skin texture, and the black
> speck to the right of her nostril, although there *could* be focus
> issues involved. I'd have to see the 12mp not up-rezzed.

Hair in the 24mp shows more finer detail too but it is not a big enough
difference to warrant a new camera with 24mp. Not for me anyway. Maybe 50mp
is when I will get a new DSLR.
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"Celcius" <celcius38(a)> wrote in

> Or one might also ask if the difference's worth spending much more
> money to achieve it?
> Marcel

Depends on how you intend to display the photos. If you want large prints
for art gallery display then it may be worth it.
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"David J. Littleboy" <davidjl(a)> wrote in

> They're the same price...

Not if you already own a 10 - 12mp DSLR. You would need to buy a new DSLR
to get the 24mp. I'm not in the habit of buying a new camera every time the
technology advances. Geez, what happened to the days when a Pentax 645 was
your camera for life?
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Scott W <biphoto(a)> wrote in

> You can make a decent looking 12x18 print, but if you make the same
> print from a 12 MP image it is going to look sharper. T0 get a super
> sharp print you need more like 35 MP, 400ppi, but you have to look
> pretty close at the print to tell the differance between 300ppi and
> 400ppi.
> Scott

And what if I don't want it to be sharp? Maybe I want the image to be soft
and fuzzy looking. I can get a good quality 20x30 print from my 2.1mp
Olympus 2020z if those are my priorities.