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B&W film developing questions
Ok, I just developed my first 3 rolls of film at home, and except for a little bit of dust on the last roll the results are excellent. I'll sporadically be developing more over the next couple of months. I'm using Rodinal, Arista's indicator stop bath, Arista's Universal non-hardening fixer, and Kentflo. Q... 27 Jan 2008 14:46
eBay: Jobo CPP-2 darkroom processor
Ted wrote: can someone tell me why this auctioned off for $1500? ... 25 Dec 2007 04:01
Lith film emulation
Hi, becaise it no more possible to find lith film I need to try with a qute common film to obtain very high contrasted pictures. I have Efke KB 25 and Rollei PAN 25 at home. Can anybody suggest a developer to have extremely contrasted subjects? Thanks all P. ... 28 Oct 2007 20:39
sharpness & grain
Hi! I'm practicing darkroom work for about 5 months now as a hobby using Tri-X and X-Tol(1:1) as my film/dev combo, printing my 35mm Neg's on Multigrade RC-Paper from 18x24 to 24x30 (cm), so my experience is pretty moderate. When I look at pictures from my favourite Photographers like Larry Towell, Koudelka... 26 Aug 2007 22:12
Safelights and paper developer?
I need to outfit my darkroom with safelights. I currently have red safelights, which I am not fond of, but seems to be all that I can find here. :-( Someone gave me a Kodak safelight (large cone-shaped thing with a 15 watt bulb in it) complete with an OA and an OC filter. It had not been used in many years, it ... 25 Aug 2007 15:18
Use Kodak Tray Siphon to Wash film?
is it a good idea of using Kodak Automatic Tray Siphon to wash 120 roll films? and, i also heard Jobo and Ap provide a product which looks like a pipe connected to their develop tanks used for washing films in tank. it's cheaper than the tray siphon, but i think if i buy the tray siphon i can also use it to wash... 17 Jun 2007 07:46
Request info on GRALAB 505 timer
Hi all, I recently acquired a GRALAB 505 digital timer and 560 foot switch to replace my GRALAB 300 analog timer. The reason I switched was that I wanted to have the use of a foot switch (my third hand) when I am doing dodging ot burning. I can set up my burning/dodging equipement in my two hands and set t... 13 May 2007 16:10
Kaiser microcumputer cpt 4934 -> Kaiser microcumputer cpt 4034
On 3 Maj, 23:08, Len <bluejeans1...(a)> wrote: Hi! Has anyone has experience of this timer? What is possibilities of this timer? Is it easy to use? Has it any possibility to attach a foot pedal to control the enlighter? Is it possible to measure time in f-stops? -And at last, is there a... 4 May 2007 13:42
Leitz Focomat v35 buzzing
My enlarger head makes a buzzing sound whenever the light's on and the enlargement intensity fluctuates slightly. It's still useable, but every so often a print is a little lighter or darker than expected. I've ascertained the problem isn't in the timer unit, and the bulb is new, so what could it be? Has anybody el... 26 Feb 2007 04:49
Free Darkroom Equipment
Have various equipment for black and white and color thats taking up space. Located in south carolina and dont really want to ship. Maybe we can work out things. Price is FREE. Not going to break things up like lens, etc. ... 21 Feb 2007 12:45
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