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>Allen wrote:
>> Richard Polhill wrote:
>>> Rita � Berkowitz wrote:
>>>> dmac wrote:
>>>>> As other's have said in the earlier thread, these 6� plastic wonder
>>>>> caps - first the "Sto-Fen" now the "Fong" all have one thing in
>>>>> common... The producers are out to make a big buck from those stupid
>>>>> enough or lazy enough to think this will cure their lighting problems.
>>>> BRAVO! I'm glad another person out here understands this. What's
>>>> really
>>>> perplexing is Bret uses a Fong and claims it has improved his
>>>> photography so
>>>> it has to be good.
>>> Well I'm sure Bret's photography can be improved by it. He just has to
>>> put it over the lens.
>> Apparently, you mistakenly put one over your eyes.
>> Allen
>Oh he just loves the attention.

Actually, Bret's photography doesn't need any improvement. Haven't
you heard? He's shooting with a 20D, and everything under the sun
loves it...! (Except for conservative Republicans, of course.)


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What did you use?

Which one?

"Eric Miller" <miller_nospam_eric(a)> wrote in message
> Having just wandered from the political thread, I thought I'd toss out a
> puzzle of sorts that might get back OT. Does the type of diffuser really
> matter? If you think so, then tell me what kind of diffuser was used in
> this photo? Heck, if you can't tell, just give your opinion as to whether
> you think it did a good or even adequate job.
> Here is some additional info:
> Camera Canon EOS 5D
> Lens Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
> Aperture 1.8
> Shutter 200
> ISO 100
> Clues: The model, my daughter, is sitting on a bed in our upstairs
> bedroom. To her left, camera right, is an open window. The room has white
> walls, a low white ceiling and light carpeting. The room was a bit dark
> and it was cloudy today, so without flash her right side would have been
> in shadow. That was filled with a canon flash with a diffuser on it.
> If you need a hint, I'll narrow the choices:
> Gary Fong Lightsphere
> White Post-it note
> Larry Thong Light Bottle
> Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer
> Cream colored business card and tape
> Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce
> There you have it. No doubt the people who think the equipment matters
> will nail this one.
> Incidentally, this isn't being offered as an example of a good photo, but
> if you want to critique or flame me, go for it. I will post the answer
> later if anyone is interested.
> Eric Miller