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> >I have a PC with a videocard nVidia 7600GT. Few days ago I got an LCD
> > monitor LG L194WT.
> > Well, this turned out to be a cheap and nasty monitor. I have
> > experience with using a higher-class LCD monitor for playing games and
> > editing digital photographic pictures.
> > In this monitor on the standard settings, the text in webbrowser is
> > al'right, however all images are too dark. I tried to adjust the
> > monitor. First of all, I decreased the brightness to 50% (the monitor
> > is too bright). Secondly, I went to the video card driver software
> > ("nVidia Control Panel"), and adjusted the gamma running "Display
> > optimization wizard". Unfortunately, the game Half Life 2 DM is still
> > too dark. Whatever knobs/settings I twist, it is dark. The monitor has
> > modes "normal", "user", "text" and "movie"... all of them leave the
> > images dark.
> This particular monitor gets pretty good reviews all round for a lower
> priced one. Contrast ratio 2000:1....unlikely that darkness of the images is
> going to be an issue. Very few complaints in many reviews. I'd tend to go
> along with the previous poster and suggest that it's got to be something on
> your end rather than the monitor. Try checking your connection.

Do you realise that this particular praising review was written by the
author just after looking at the monitor specifications written on
paper ? Do you realise that the 2000:1contrast is dynamic one (which
will be seen only in a "movie" mode), but otherwise it is ol' 700:1
just like in every other TN monitor. And for your information, this
same monitor under the same model name is now sold with the sticker
"5000:1 contrast" and at the same price... wow, don't you feel the
need to flip back over yourself and get one ?

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Ah, found it at last!

Wunderschon or something...

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Beladi Nasralla wrote:

> Gee, Handyman, thanks for your detailed reply. I observed funny thing:
> I adjust contrast and brightness by using the gray gradient pattern,
> and then switch to another grey gradient (mentioned in your links)...
> and I see that my monitor is out of calibration... I do not know why
> is that.

The first product specification I could find is here:

LG L194WT "Image Contrast Ratio 2000:1 (dynamic)"

What that means, is calibration will be useless. The monitor will be changing
levels, based on the image content. Since the response of the monitor is
dynamic, no fixed calibration will exist. Either find a way to disable the "dynamic"
feature, or shop for a monitor with a more realistic contrast ratio. A
product with a contrast ratio consistent with the physical limits of
an LCD panel, is more likely to calibrate and remain constant for
Photoshop usage. Say 500:1 or so. Units offering 2000:1 or 3000:1
will be fiddling with the image while you work.

This is an example of a monitor more suitable for Photoshop.

LACIE 321 Black 21.3" 20ms DVI LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 500:1 - Retail

Notice that the response is 500:1, which would suggest there is no
"dynamic" behavior to image rendering.

There are a couple reviews of that unit, to read here:

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