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On Jul 12, 7:10 pm, Cheesehead <dplotusno...(a)>
> I just picked up a 4x5 this weekend.
> It came with a bunch of stuff, some I kept, some is
> elsewhere.
> One thing I kept is a box of Kodabromide F1 paper.
> It's really thin stuff. I printed this neg because I like
> the texture
> of the two dried flowers up
> front.
> Makes for a good test neg.
> (Please pardon the dust from my scanner surface.)
> Anyway, the paper seems a bit fogged, but not too bad.
> I developed this in some old D-19.
> Probably not the best choice. :-)
> Anyway, what are the opinions out there on this paper and
> how to best
> treat it.
> It looks like, with a little TLC, I might get good mileage
> out of it.

F-1 paper should produce a lower contrast than the higher
papers. D-19 is a higher contrast developer. D-72 or
Dektol might be
better choices than D1-19.

Fog might be from paper age or history of how it was stored.
It also
might be from a safelight or other light leaks in a
I have some pretty old Kodabromide and do not see fog.

I doubt if there is much difference in contrast between
D-19 and Dektol. For one thing both are quite active and
also paper is developed to "completion" meaning to about the
highest contrast its capable of. This is unlike film which
is usually developed to a much lower contrast than its
All papers can become foggy with age and Kodabromide
was discontinued quite some time ago. Additional bromide
will help with fog but benzotriazole is more effective and
does not lower the speed quite as much.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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