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>mark.thomas.7(a) wrote:
>> I shall repeat my general caution (which Rita got MOST upset about on
>> her other duplicate thread!)
>LOL! Who's upset? It surely isn't me since I'm not the one claiming to be
>"done" here. You just can't leave it alone, can you?

He did leave it once Rita. He had so much trouble peeing, he grabed
hold of it again!
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> On 2007-04-24 18:29:27 -0700, "Mike Warren"
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> > Rita � Berkowitz wrote:
> >
> >> Julian Vrieslander wrote:
> >>
> >>>> inexpensive solution that adds a new dimension in lighting to all
> >>>> your pictures. Get yours today.
> >>>
> >>> These things are dangerous. If you shoot a long sequence with a
> >>> short recycle time, the photon pressure can build up inside the
> >>> bottle and cause it to explode.
> >>
> >> Yeah, I heard about that! It is not a problem till it gets "spikey"
> >> and you start having "transmission" problems. I have installed a
> >> silver clad copper heat pipe with a beryllium oxide relief valve for
> >> added protection.
> >
> > What a load of rubbish! All you have to do is poke 3 or 4 small holes
> > in it.
> >
> > --
> > -Mike
> The Fong diffuser has the end cut off to assist with bounce flash. If
> you cut off the end of the Thong diffuser, you probably would not need
> the small holes in the diffuser as long as the ceiling had proper heat
> dissipation. If you use the wide-angle lens on the strobe, though, a
> higher percentage of the photons are striking the sides of the bottle
> and you should still make some small holes.

Why not use the heat to generate steam, use that to run a
micro-sized steam engine, which turns a generator, to keep the camera's
battery at full charge? There might even be enough spare to recharge
the flash unit's cells too.


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