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On 10/28/2007 7:01 AM piterengel spake thus:

> On Oct 28, 12:53 pm, Jean-David Beyer <jdbe...(a)trillian.localdomain>
> wrote:
>> It seems to me that if you are sure you used the solution for D-85
>> that you prepared, and get blank without even the edge numbers and
>> trademarks, before you even fixed the film, then the developer solution
>> must have been prepared incorrectly or the chemicals you used may
>> have been mislabelled. Assuming you are using 35mm film.
>> In my experience, the sheet litho film (Kodak 2553, IIRC) not only has
>> no edge notches, making printing on the correct side something of an
>> artistic experience, but also it has no edge markings.
>> Diluting the developper 10x will not help you.
> I'm sure both to have developed and not fixed the film and to have
> usaed the right chemicals. I think simply D-85 is too strong and
> completely unsuitable for Efke 35 mm film.

While I can sympathize with your frustration here, I think you're
mistaken in thinking that somehow a developer that's "too strong" for
film would give completely blank results. Think about it: if a developer
is too strong (i.e., too active), you're going to get something like
completely *black* film, not completely blank. Something else is
happening here. (Sorry, don't know enough about photochemistry to be of
any help.) Richard K.?
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"piterengel" <pslaviero(a)> wrote

> in Italy it is quite impossible to
> find real lith films.

I think you are looking in the wrong places.

Lith film is very easily available in Italy. It's easily
available everywhere - Ulan Bator to Ultima Thule.

Finding it on the internet if you do not know the "magic word"
is, of course, impossible.

You might start with Agfa and ask them:

Or Kodak - though they tend to be hopeless, kinda like their web site.

Or contact a local offset printer and ask them.

You would be looking for someone like this, only located in

Nicholas O. Lindan, Cleveland, Ohio
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n o lindan at ix dot netcom dot com