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Jeff Jones wrote:
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first I want to apologize for replying so lately.

>>>Hope you enjoy:
>>>Greets, Marco.
>>Lots of standard stock-photography. Overall grade about a C+, a few
>>photos I'd give a B- to, maybe even a B+ for one or two.
>>Not bad. But in my browsing I didn't spot anything phenomenal
>>either. Though I didn't view them all, just a good sampling. At
>>least you show a good grasp and breadth of using a camera properly.
>>That's much more than I can say for any of the other dufusses
>>(dufi) that post to these forums. At least you won't be damaging
>>the visual centers of anyone's brains. Unlike the rest in these

An overall fair and true statement, at least the part you're talking
about my pictures. Thank you.

>If you had either the waves or the jellyfish in better focus this
>could have been a strong A-, but your eye for composition made it
>work. On second look, a difficult call, it still works like it is. I
>like it a lot but shouldn't. Technically a C-, artistically a strong
>A- to almost an A.

The funny thing about this picture is, that it made it's way into the
gallery by fortuity. The Original is nearly black with a scheme of a
dark grey jellyfish, extremely noisy in the dark tones. So I was just
fooling around with the picture, raising brightness and contrast, when
I discovered the colors in the picture, finally applying a noisefilter.
There it is, a nice example why to use RAW-Format... ;-)

>A strong A- because I'm a fan of Escher.

Same process as the jellyfish, but much better RAW-Material. I had to
photograph into dark black-blue water, but didn't want to let those
fishes escape without being photographed...

>Good subject, but the composition was slightly off.

Absolutely. I am thinking about a new version with different cut-out
and better lens- and exposure-correction.

>The rest of these dolts could learn a lot about composition from you.
>Even when a subject is lack-luster your eye for composition saves it.
>(most of the time)

Very perceptive and true, non-ironic. I need to find some more
compelling subjects, therefore I am thinking about some projects to
start with... but it will take a few years to present any results,
because I need more time and equipment.

Greets, Marco.

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Michael J Davis schrieb:

>But overall a pleasant set, combining simple record shots, racoons,
>owls etc. with some good pictorial.

Thank you very much, nice to hear that. :-)

Greets, Marco.

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Paul Giverin:

>I really liked your shots.

Thank you. :-)


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Tzortzakakis Dimitris schrieb:

>>Hope you enjoy:
>Ja, richtig, sehr gut:-)Die Fotos sind eingezeichnet!

Thank you very much, but you should say 'ausgezeichnet', since
'eingezeichnet' means 'drawn-in'... :-)

Your name sounds greek, right? Ever been in Germany?