From: Wolfgang Weisselberg on
Michael Tuthill <tuthill(a)> wrote:

> Canon's ripping it's users off?:-)

If Canon users want shitty quality, then yes, Canon's ripping
them off by giving them good quality at good quality prices.

From: Wolfgang Weisselberg on
ROFLMAO! <lol(a)> wrote:

> the photo is stolen!, the EXIF was edited!, the image
> was taken with a DSLR on a tripod!, the bird wasn't that far away! ...

Hit a nerve? Even spurned you to invent a new identity,
slime? Because it's a stolen photo with no EXIF taken by a
DSLR on a tripod with the stuffed bird glued on the plastic!

You slime couldn't find the shutter button on a P&S camera.