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> > Thanks, David. The problem here in Singapore is that the stores do not
> > allow you to test the camera before buying - handling is OK, but no
> > clicking the shutter! I find it very strange, but it is true for all
> > the stores
> > I have tried.
> > As John says, Pentax may be turning the corner - that is nice. If they
> > would release a reasonably priced 50/1.7 and a better RAW
> > converter ....!
> > Pinaki.
> Pinaki,
> You would think they would keep /one/ camera you could click with!  Better
> be careful where you rest your finger, but knowing that the shutter button
> is located just where it should be is an important pat of handling.  I
> appreciate that if the shutter count isn't "zero" it could devalue the
> camera (although part of me prefers to buy a tested camera rather than a
> "virgin" one).
> Does the K-x have a LiveView mode, do video?  Have a swivel LCD finder?
> Cheers,
> David

I agree - it makes no sense not to keep one such piece. Like
you, I'd not
mind a unit with some shutter count. But maybe due to the sheer size
of the
population, the shutter count on any such unit will increase very
rapidly! That
may be their reason for not keeping any such thingy.
It does not have a swivel LCD. It does 720p video, but
honestly, I have a
long way to go with still imaging before worrying about video! The HDR
be fun to play with.I just hope they have improved the RAW converter -
now i find Picasa to be better than the one that came with the *ist-