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>>>>>> Came across this article about AP publishing a photo of a dying US
>>>>>> marine and the controversy surrounding it. There hasn't been much
>>>>>> news here in the UK about it but I expect that it's big news in the
>>>>>> US.
>>>>>> <,news,photograph-of-dying-
>>>>>> I'm all up for showing how things are and the press have done so on
>>>>>> may occasions, but at the same time the family must be very upset. So
>>>>>> I'm in two minds about this. Storm in a tea cup? Or genuine concern
>>>>>> on showing dead or dying NATO/ISAF soldiers?
>>>>> What's a photographer supposed to do? Quit shooting in a war zone
>>>>> because someone might die? If people are upset about the photo
>>>>>then they should blame the
>>>>> politicians for the war, not the photographer for the image.
>>>>NO! They should blame the scum people who print it against
>>>>the family's wishes,
>>> Does that go for ALL pictures from war zones?
>>>>and the people who
>>>>started the war: al Qaeda and the Taliban.
>>> No... They did not start it.
>>An attack on our soil at the WTC was not the start of the war?
>Not at all.
>9/11 was the third in a series of retaliation attacks. The first two
>were US embassies in Africa.
>They were in retaliation for previous US attacks.

Then there was the US support of genocide and mass murder in Palestine
by the IDF.... The US involvement in Somalia. The lack of US
involvement around Basra in 1991 onwards. There are very many reasons
for an Islamic Militant group to want hit at the USA. Most had far
higher civilian death tolls than 9/11.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/

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>>>> >> Surely, you aren't suggesting that we "cut and run' are ya?
>>>> >
>>>> > I've never suggested this. I think victory in Afghanistan is
>>>> > essential.
>>>> > Fortunately, the new president appears to agree with me 100%.
>>>> I think we need to define "victory." The Soviet Union realized that
>>>> Afghanistan was a hopeless case. Bush and his cronies paid far too
>>>> little attention to Afghanistan for political reasons, essentially
>>>> wasting eight years of effort and money. There needs to be a more
>>>> realistic plan.
>>> Yeah. Whew. I'm all ears. What *is* Obama's "plan?"
>> Obama does not make plans. He makes speeches and promises.
>>> Exactly.
>>> On anything.
>> Yes, but look at his inspiring slogans.
>> Both of them completely, absolutely, positively 100% devoid of any actual
>> meaning, but look at all the people they have INSPIRED!
>> Don't forget, Obama in one speech so inspired Chris Matthews that the
>> latter said, "I felt a thrill run up my leg!" Now that is really
>> something. How many professional news people get thrills running up their
>> legs?
> Calling Chris Matthews a professional news person is an insult to those
> that really are.

I take your point and don't disagree with it, but that is how he earns his
living. He's a professional in the same sense that someone who washes dishes
or polishes floor for a living is a professional.

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>> He may be "speeches and promises ahead of" every president we've ever
>> had.
>> Has he made even a single promise that he hasn't already broken or is now
>> in
>> the process of breaking? Other than breaking promises he hasn't done
>> anything but speeches and promises so far, and his agenda being what it
>> is I
>> only hope he continues at the same rate of non-performance.
> "The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises"
> Current scorecard:
> Promises Kept: 41

Sorry, I wasn't counting his promises to union bosses, environmental wackos,
the pathologically unemployable, white-hating black radicals and other
perpetually complaining left-wing types. I meant promises to the American
people as a whole, such as (a) would accept only public campaign funds; (b)
would make government transparent; (c) would not sign off on a "stimulus"
bill until the American people had 5 days to read it; (d) would go over such
a bill line by line and refuse to sign it if it contained a single item of
pork, and so on.

I should have made it clear that I didn't mean back-room promises made in
private. My bad.

> Compromise: 11
> Promises Broken: 7

Those must be the biggies, and I suspect it's still a short count. The "no
American making less than $250,000 a year will pay A DIME more in taxes,"
repeated over and over again, is in the process of being broken even as we

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> Doug McDonald <mcdonald(a)> wrote:
>>DG wrote:
>>> If people are upset about the photo then they should blame the
>>> politicians for the war, not the photographer for the image.
>>NO! They should blame the scum people who print it against
>>the family's wishes, and the people who
>>started the war: al Qaeda and the Taliban.
> That's a rightard lie. It was Bush and the neocons who started the war.

Now being expanded by leftist radical Obama and the neocons. Plus ca change,
plus c'est la meme chose.

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>>> says...
>>>> During WW-II Guys like Ernie Pyle took hundreds of photos of dead and
>>>> dying
>>>> soldiers, many of which were published in the newspapers of the day.
>>> Cite?
>> Sorry.....I got Pyle confused with Joe Rosenthal. Pyle was a journalist
>> who wrote about the war, but he wrote his stuff from the war....That is,
>> he was actually there. Rosenthal was the photographer I was thinking
>> of....He was also there. He's the one who took the famous photo of the
>> flag raising at Iwo Jima.....
> If you wanted to cite a WWII combat photographer with credentials you
> should have gone with Robert Capa.
> If you wanted Vietnam era think Larry Burrows, Catherine LeRoy, Henri
> Huet, Tim Page;
> ...and it takes men such as Horst Faas and Malcolm Brown to get some of
> the valuable unpleasant images to print.
> --
> Regards,
> Savageduck
Yes. I still like Wee gee, but I think he was pre WW-II......Just a, "street
photographer". Those were the days when photography took real skill.