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Neil Harrington <not(a)> wrote:
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>> Giftzwerg <giftzwerg999(a)> wrote:

>>>> It's a harmless photo that means nothing. Too bad the guy died (the
>>>> photographer probably didn't know this at the time).
>>>I'd like to see more pictures of dead journalists, though. Makes me
>> Quite the murderous fascist, aren't you?
>Actually, fascists (capitalized or not) were never as brutal in suppressing
>journalists as communists always were.

LOL! Revisionism is a favorite tactic of the totalitarians.

Ray Fischer

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Bill Graham wrote:

> Too bad we can't go back in time and refuse to help you fight Adolf in
> the 40's......

Interesting that for you the fight is against Adolf and not Nazism...

Since you haven't a clue what "liberal" and "socialist" actually mean
and make up your own definitions all the time, I'll make up my own
definition of Nazi:
"Hate-filled, murderous, ideologically driven, nationalistic, right-wing
lunatics who believe they are racially and culturally superior to other
peoples and that the end justifies the means".

That definition, Bill Graham, fits you perfectly.
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On Sep 9, 6:19 pm, "Bill Graham" <w...(a)> wrote:
> Again, history as written by Chris Hill. Give the Iraqis a little time, and
> I claim they will benefit from, and love, Democracy.

Uh, right; for a given value of "a little time".

Which in this case means "just a short while after the Sun burns out".
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> "Bill Graham" <weg9(a)> writes:
>>> I assumed that was included in BG's criticism of Middle Eastern
>>> religions. The main religions originating in the Middle East amd still
>>> extant today would be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastranism, and
>>> Baha'i. Don't know what BG has against Baha'i...
>> I never heard of Baha'i. It was not one of the World's 11 major
>> religions that I was taught back in grammar school, although I doubt if
>> I could remember all of them now. Add Shinto, and Buddhism to your above
>> list. And Sikhism and Hinduism too.....
> Er, Shinto, Buddhism, etc, didn't originate in the middle east.
Oh.....We were talking about religions that "originated" in the ME.....Well,
I really don't know where any religion originated. They are all clap-trap to
me, and all capable of causing much grief to humanity, too. Human beings
have enough trouble handling the things in this world that are real, much
less the things that they imagine and have their nightmares about.

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> You rightard bigots really never stop lying, do you?
> --
> Ray Fischer
> rfischer(a)
What a lying putz you are.