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>The shah was not a, "ruthless dictator". My brother-in law knew him
>personally. He was a good leader, and would have been very beneficial
>to Iran had he not become sick.

About the only sensible thing Bill has said.

The problem was the Shar wanted to impose an alien culture into Iran.
It would be like trying to impose communism in the Us Bible Belt.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/

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>>>>> On the other hand.... who asked permission of the victims and families
>>>>> of those in the pictures taken by US Military when they were torturing
>>>>> Iraqi civilians.....
>>>>What nonsense! Saddam Hussein was the one who, "tortured Iraqi
>>>> and for thirty years, too.
>>> ... And in 30 years he killed fewer Iraqui's then bush did in 5 years.
>>> Now what was your point son?
>>Not so. Saddam Hussein was responsible for the deaths of over 2 million
>>Iraqi citizens over his 30 year reign as President. I can prove this
>>with my own calculations. I will be glad to send you my paper if you
>>send me a real email address off list.
> I have seen this "paper" it is pure propaganda... It doesn't stand up to
> scrutiny.
Boy does that tell me a lot. It is my paper. I wrote it from real
statistics. It is far from "propaganda". So this tells me more than anything
else you could say just where you are coming from. I applied mathematics to
printed statistics....What more do you want or are willing to disbelieve
than this?

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> Doug McDonald wrote:
>> Igetrightwingersangry(a) wrote:
>>> ...And if the picture was of you --> and the last memory your children
>>> would have of you, would it still be okay to publish it?
>> Yes, absolutely. But I would like for the people showing it to note
>> that I died to prevent the atrocities perpetrated on the
>> innocent 9/11 victims from happening again. Absent that,
>> I would expect my family to point out to my children
>> how the left wing scum had used my image for their purposes.
> What's "left wing" about showing war as it is?
> Can you see any correlation between peace and left:right politics here?:

According to the graphs shown, Australia has 1.5 persons out of 100,000 in
prison. According to my math, this equates to 15 persons per 1000,000.
Therefore, as the population of Australia is approx 22,000,000, then
Australia has only 330 persons in prison. I am led to believe that Australia
in fact as approx 20,000 persons in prison.
Am I correct or what??

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>> Bill Graham wrote:
>>> Too bad we can't go back in time and refuse to help you fight Adolf
>>> in the 40's......
>> Interesting that for you the fight is against Adolf and not Nazism...
>> Since you haven't a clue what "liberal" and "socialist" actually mean
>> and make up your own definitions all the time, I'll make up my own
>> definition of Nazi:
>> "Hate-filled, murderous, ideologically driven, nationalistic,
>> right-wing lunatics who believe they are racially and culturally
>> superior to other peoples and that the end justifies the means".
>> That definition, Bill Graham, fits you perfectly.
> Why were the Nazi's "right wing"? And, since they were racists, they
> have absolutely no connection with me. I am not, nor have I ever been a
> racist, in any sense of the word. I have always pointed out that my
> government, the US government is a racist government, and treats people
> differently depending on their race. They have been doing this all of my
> life, and they are still doing it.

Uh-huh.... And all your comments on Middle-Easterners and "Ragheads"?

About the Nazis not being right-wing: I suppose you'll now claim that
they were "liberals"?

The fact remains that their mentality and most of their ideals fit you
like a glove.
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>>>> On the other hand.... who asked permission of the victims and families
>>>> of those in the pictures taken by US Military when they were torturing
>>>> Iraqi civilians.....
>>> What nonsense! Saddam Hussein was the one who, "tortured Iraqi
>>> civilians" and for thirty years, too.
>> So all those pictures taken by and of US military torturing Iraqi
>> Civilians were fakes as was the trial of Sgt. English?
> Oh....I get it......Ha!! You really call that, "torture" give me a
> break......Do you know where that term comes from? It is the same root
> as "torch"....You know, a stick with a burning flame at the end. When
> applied to the skin, it causes severe pain and burns.......Sometimes
> you guys are really funny......

I thought you studied English in college.
Torture is derived from the French , torture and the Latin torquere
meaning "to twist." This was description of what the victim's body
would do, twist in agony.