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> On the other hand Bush admitted it. Water boarding is torture.


"Preventative care does save lives, but it costs more money, not less.
Nothing costs less than a dead patient. Don’t forget that. Ever."
- Stephen Greene
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>>DG wrote:
>>> Then why did he push people
>>> to violate the Geneva Convention?
>>He didn't. The Geneva Convention applies only to prisoners
>>of war taken on a battlefield for formal battle. It does not apply to
>>terrorists or spies.
> This is correct. Terrorist and spies etc come under LOCAL CIVILIAN LAW.

There is no "local civilian law" on the battlefield.

> The are *EITHER* enemy combatants under the Geneva Convention or
> Civilians.

Wrong. Men who are combatants but captured NOT in the proper uniform of some
regular military force have NO RIGHTS WHATEVER under the Geneva Conventions.
They can be simply taken out and shot, without trial. That is exactly what
the U.S. Army did in World War II, for example to Germans captured that way
during the Battle of the Bulge. All perfectly legal under international law
and no objection was ever raised about it. It's in accordance with the rules
of war as they have been for more than 200 years at least, probably much
longer than that.

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> Doug McDonald <mcdonald(a)> wrote:
>>> No matter how you slice it, bush was horrible.
>> Bush tried very hard to do right.
> Given that he spent some 500 days of his terms on vacation that's
> a tough claim to justify.
>> Very hard indeed.
>> The Democrats tried very very very very hard to foil him.
> Liar. They didn't even get a majority of Congress until two years
> before his term ended.

Like the swallows at Capistrano. Like Old Faithful. Like a moth to a

FishHead, you are like a bot fly on dog poop.

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Good boy!

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> Look who owns the USA.... it's China. Bush has virtually bankrupted the
> US and drained its industries fighting a terrorist group.

Japan tops the list (with $644 billion), followed by China ($350 billion),
United Kingdom ($239 ...

Sorry, but all these put together come a long, long way from "Owning the

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> No, but the problem wasn't just Arabs learning to fly. there was no harm
> in
> that. It was the fact that they were learning to fly, but not to
> land.....this should have raised a flag to their instructors.....Or, at
> least, that was the contention at the time. Had your microbiology students
> only been interested in deadly pathogens, you might have been rightfully
> suspicious, also.

Oh, bullshit. Lesson 1 in flight school is maneuvering an aircraft
already in flight. Lesson 2 is taking off. Lesson 3 is landing.

This is SOP, for obvious reasons. Flying a plane already in the air is
almost trivial; just about anyone can do it. Taking off is more
challenging. And landing the thing is the toughest part.

So give us a break. The 9/11 terrorists didn't sail into flight school
bleating, "We don't need to know how to take off! We don't need to know
how to land! Just show us how to steer the airplane into a building!!!"

That was the contention at the time......Why don't you Google it and read
about it? - Do I have to do everything for you?