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J. Clarke <jclarke.usenet(a)> wrote:
>Igetrightwingersangry(a) wrote:
>> Son, I bet you never served or saw war face to face. If you had, you
>> would like it so much.
>Nobody likes it,

Except those who plan to profit from it.

> but propaganda intended to promote "bring our boys home
>regardless of the cost" agenda isn't serving anybody but those Iraqis who
>want to be the next Saddam.

The usual rightard conspiracy lunacy: "We must kill people in order
to protect them!"

Ray Fischer

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J. Clarke <jclarke.usenet(a)> wrote:
>Savageduck wrote:
>> rfischer(a) (Ray Fischer) said:
>>> The soldier was there on the taxpayer's dime. The taxpayers have the
>>> right to know how their money is being spent.
>> As a refugee of the 60's with a draft number of 54, "spent" is not
>> what I would have said. I would think the term used in my war would
>> have been more appropriate, "wasted!"
>It's only "wasted" if that Marine's life was spent to no purpose, and if the
>US pulls out before there is a stable government in place that is strong
>enough to keep the lid on then that Marine's life _will_ have been wasted.

Generous of you to offer the lives of Americans to benefit people on
the other side of the world.

>That's the real tragedy of Vietnam, that so many lives were spent delaying a
>result that would have just happened 10 years sooner if there were no US

Tell us: How much do you want YOUR taxes raised to pay for the wars?
Will YOU offer to go and fight and die for the benefit of other

Ray Fischer

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Giftzwerg <giftzwerg999(a)> wrote:
>In article <g5oaa5dod6i4k5nfou0ikibsemv74pdqpd(a)>, real-address-
>in-sig(a) says...
>> Came across this article about AP publishing a photo of a dying US
>> marine and the controversy surrounding it. There hasn't been much
>> news here in the UK about it but I expect that it's big news in the
>> US.
>> I'm all up for showing how things are and the press have done so on
>> may occasions, but at the same time the family must be very upset. So
>> I'm in two minds about this. Storm in a tea cup? Or genuine concern
>> on showing dead or dying NATO/ISAF soldiers?
>I think the photographer is lucky to be alive. If you were trying to
>snap a photo of *my* dying buddy, I'd blow your head off on the spot.

Ah, the classic right-wing mentality: Murder people who dare to go
against what you want.

Ray Fischer

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Giftzwerg <giftzwerg999(a)> wrote:

>> It's a harmless photo that means nothing. Too bad the guy died (the
>> photographer probably didn't know this at the time).
>I'd like to see more pictures of dead journalists, though. Makes me

Quite the murderous fascist, aren't you?

Ray Fischer

From: Ghetta Gryp on
On Tue, 08 Sep 2009 11:16:52 -0600, DG <xxxxxxxx(a)xxxxxx.xxxxxx> wrote:

>Oil is not a redeeming value?

If there was no oil today everyone in the world would finally concentrate
on clean renewable resources like they should have done over 40 years ago.
The whole world would put their best effort forward to overcome this
"energy crisis" instead of fighting pretend wars-waged by corporations to
try to control middle-east oils and your dependency on them. How is an
energy source, and all the civilizations of the middle-east, that are
destroying your planet in any way a "redeeming value". Hell, they pray
daily that the end-of-the-world happens soon and will do all they can to
make it come true through self-fulfilling prophesies.

You sure don't think very clearly, do you.

As far as your "great minds" comments, I leave the above as evidence that
you don't even know what a "great mind" is. Therefore your evaluation of
the middle-east cultures having any redeeming value whatsoever is also in
grave error.

And with this ... I refuse to allow the childish self-victimization of
middle-east cultures take up any more of my time or energy. They're not
even worth one more key-press. Unless that "key" was the one that would
blow them all to their respective hells and finally off the face of this
earth for the good of all. The rest of the world and all its more important
civilizations have suffered their existence far too long already. They
should only go down as a minor footnote in history, titled "What to not
become, ever again, by anyone."