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Weisselberg <ozcvgtt02(a)> writes
>Kennedy McEwen <rkm(a)> wrote:
>> In article <rnp057-acl.ln1(a)>, Wolfgang
>> Weisselberg <ozcvgtt02(a)> writes
>>>... but I digress.
>> You certainly do, consistently!
>Interesting that you have NO WORD to add to the arguments
>against your arguments ... except some snide remark against
>my person. Does that mean I am right?
No, you didn't post any arguments, just personal comment.

Should I assume from your irrelevant response that you disagree that
using a reduced data set jpg to create a raw which is indistinguishable
from an (not *the*) original raw is a contravention of the second law of

To do so would be to assume that you didn't have a clue, but I was being
diplomatic and giving you the opportunity to rant in digression, as is
your frequent want.
Entropy's not what it used to be!
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