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Nikon Announces Another Must Have Camera, The D700!!
Luke wrote: Rita Berkowitz wrote: Thank you Nikon! You are simply the best. A full frame camera that doesn't weigh as much as the D3 and has the great performance one expects from Nikon. Eat your hearts out Canon users. I knew there was a reason my D3 was acting like a lonely puppy. I gotta... 5 Jul 2008 13:33
Nikon PB-4 Bellows (exploring tilt/shift options)
I have a few questions for anyone who has a PB-4 or is familiar. And some discussion below. 1. Do I need an extension ring to mount on a D200? 2. Does at least one of the end caps on the 4 rails come off? I saw one modified to shorten it and am also curious if two female PB-4 mounts could be attached, switc... 4 Dec 2007 13:23
Rockwell Nikon D200, 300 vs Cannon 5D
I am not trying to start a flame war but I have received presents from a recent birthday that get me really close to a D200 body. As some of you might remember, I have an F5 with some Ok lenses. Tokina ATX Pro 28-70mm 1:2.6-2.8 It will be about $100 to fix again, if it ever works right again. Tamron SP 90mm... 5 Dec 2007 11:05
Nikon D3 And The Old 85/1.4 Nikkor!
On Sep 13, 12:21 pm, Rita Ä Berkowitz <ritaberk2O04> wrote: No wonder Canon shooters prefer this lens to the 85/1.2L II. Seems like the old Nikkor strikes fear into the dSLR community again! The old dog does it again. A sample image of the old 85 on the D3. < 21 Sep 2007 14:15
Latest Nikon release rumours
>From a poster on dpreview. Nikon will make an announcement on 8/23 1PM JST in Tokyo. Two new DSLRs. D3 - FX format (Full frame) 12Mpixel CMOS made by Nikon - 9 fps in FF mode, 11 fps in HSC mode - HSC is done at 1.5 crop factor (meaning DX size) - ISO 200 - 6400 with LO (iso100 equiv), H1 and H2... 24 Aug 2007 19:54
Flash stuck in hot shoe
I just purchased a Vivitar DF400MZ flash for my D50 and though it seems to work fine I can't seem to unscrew the tightening screw to get the flash off the camera. I am not totally sure which way the screw should move to undo it (I think clockwise looking from the top - should have paid more attention when I put ... 19 Aug 2007 12:31
"P" mode and "Av" mode..whats the difference on a Canon 400d?
As per title, what is the difference between these 2 shooting modes? According to the manual, both allow you to define or set your own aperture whilst the camera sets a shuuter speed to deliver a correct exposure...if thats the case, then why are there 2 modes ro do almost the same thing? Thanks!! -- ... 29 May 2007 14:57
Samsung GX-10 - wow!
Just in case anyone was wondering whether the Samsung GX-10 (K10D clone) is as good as the Pentax version, wonder no more - it's better. Having owned both cameras I can state that the Samsung JPG algorithm produces noticeably sharper (yet also smoother) results. The infamous banding issue of under-exposed ima... 8 May 2007 20:13
Larry Thong's Revolutionary LightBottle gets rave reviews!
Very nice. "Rita � Berkowitz" <ritaberk2O04> wrote in message news:132l8r08ost2b03(a) For those interior and portraiture shooters looking for the ultimate in diffused lighting for your speedlight look no further, Larry Thong's LightBottle is here. No need to waste money on the... 25 Apr 2007 20:45
Adapter from Konica lens mount to Nikon DSLR
I have a Soligor Auto Zoom 4.5 90-230mm lens with a Konica mount. Is there an adapter available that would allow me to mount this on a Nikon D80? If an adapter is available, would it retain autofocus and autoexposure capability? ... 23 Apr 2007 10:25
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