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Police in UK continue to suffer from debilitating boredom.
So they do anything to fill their time. ... 28 Jun 2010 13:59
Wallpaper is hung!
> Come and get it, some new wallpaper for your wide screen monitor: Wallpaper seems to have a recurring outdoor theme dominated by natural beauty. Most of the shots are filled with personal memories, experiences or images that reflect a calm moment. None of the wallpa... 26 Jun 2010 18:32
CMOS sensors worthless for video?
CCD seems to be able to avoid motion problems that CMOS suffers from. How about Canon's 5DII, does it have these issues with video? ... 22 Jun 2010 23:47
Photo Mugs For Gifts
This personalized photo mug serves up more than a cup of coffee or tea. This regular size mug features your photo on one side. Wake up every morning to a smile. Our Photo Mugs are a great way to keep your vacation with you at work, give someone a reason to smile and wake up with your favorite person. Your protein ... 21 Jun 2010 02:41
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II
It's obvious that this is a very nice lens replacing our 80-200 f2.8 for better AF speed and for compatibility with the 1.4x tele-converter. But we did not go for the VR feature, having got bad reports on VR with older lenses. Can you comment on the VR ? Experiences ? When is it viable to use, when should i... 26 Jun 2010 09:46
Battery Grips
Hi, I have a question regarding battery grips. I have a Canon 450D & the genuine battery grip for this will set me back $165 + $20 postage. On Ebay, I can get a non-genuine grip for $40.99 postage free! Has anyone here had any good/bad experiences with non-genuine grips? The saving is too big to ignore. -- ... 20 Jun 2010 04:52
One major downside possible with camera-based lens correction
The possibility the jpegs might be superior to the raw images. That is not to say the raws loose their inherent superiority when it comes to dynamic range and manipulation flexibility, but that certain optical corrections done by the camera to the jpegs might not be available to the raw images in any post-processi... 20 Jun 2010 11:19
Has/Is Olympus pulled/pulling the plug on DSLRs?
Unsubstantiated rumours, of course, but they are more frequent and louder...Remember the Leica exec who talked about a non-existent FF M before it actually appeared? ... 18 Jun 2010 18:01
Simple hack to get $600 to your home.
Simple hack to get $600 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on left side below search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque.please dont tell to anyone. ... 16 Jun 2010 21:05
Mega-Zoom P&S or D$LR and Accessories????
Had this discussion starting under a totally unrelated thread so decided to pop out and start this line of thought out on it's own. The question is just for a photography hack (i.e. - someone who doesn't have the money to buy a several thousand dollar camera and thousands of dollars of lenses but likes to take dece... 19 Jun 2010 10:13
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