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The problem with Brit police, the big question; Why?
On Jul 27, 7:54 am, Bruce <docnews2...(a)> wrote: On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 16:45:35 -0700 (PDT), RichA <rander3...(a)> wrote: With the laws laid out as they are, there should be no problems with police harassing photogs. The problem with the police might not be what we think. It coul... 27 Jul 2010 09:33
Canon and Nikon FF sensors, where do Nikon's come from? ... 31 Jul 2010 16:13
Sony to stop making FX sensors?
Thom Hogan thinks it is possible. -- Waddling Eagle World Famous Flight Instructor ... 3 Aug 2010 09:17
Sony Alpha Series - 230/390 or ????
When Sony first introduced it's Alpha Series I was ready to move from the SLR world to the DSLR world so I jumped in and bought the A100. Been happy with it but the Alpha Series has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Rather then shuffling over to another make and having to start over with lenses I was thinking of... 1 Aug 2010 20:20
Has ultrawide angle become an overused cliche?
Years ago, the average amateur couldn't afford ultra wide angle lenses. They cost far more than most could justify. However, as wide zooms have appeared (and are relatively cheap) more and more amateurs are using these lenses. But once you've seen one ultrawide angle shot, of a beach or train station, it starts ... 9 Aug 2010 12:24
Intel and Dell: Scum of the Earth
RichA <rander3127(a)> wrote in news:3b040b6e-7138-4f1f-9bae- a1681d7b1141(a) Other big tech companies are also in the government's crosshairs. I tried to get a system with just a hard-drive (NO OS program) and was told that I can NOT get such a system from that place wit... 31 Jul 2010 10:45
Panasonic apes Foveon ... 25 Jul 2010 04:26
Moonset Over Zion
Taken inside Zion National Park from the bottom of the canyon. -- m-m ... 27 Jul 2010 14:00
All Nikon/Canon competitors only comprise 20% of the market
Amateur Photographer: The rise of the mirrorless interchangeable lens compact camera has boosted the UK's digital camera market but their relatively high price will limit growth of this sector in the short to medium term, analysts warn. The UK photo industry has surpassed £615m in sales so far this year, fi... 3 Aug 2010 22:29
Mate, did I just see you on the news as a rescuer from a fire?! Or was it someone with a similar name? -- Troy Piggins ... 23 Jul 2010 19:10
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