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New Infrared Gallery
On Thu, 05 Aug 2010 20:11:24 -0400, M-M <nospam.m-m(a)ny.more> wrote: I have posted some new IR photos and invite you to look and comment if you wish. The main page shows what an IR filter can do: Then there are links to several IR galleries: Fra... 5 Aug 2010 21:26
23 new photos on "Lumières d'Opale"
The "Lumières d’Opale" Gallery presents photos of the coast of Opale where light is always changing. The site is non-profit. I am an amateur photographer. I use a "Panasonic TZ6", optical “Leica” camera. Some photos strongly raster objective is to try to cross the looks of digital photography and painting “pointil... 5 Aug 2010 15:50
a portrait - Ellen DeGeneres (link fix)
She kinda looks like a Nosferatu. ... 3 Aug 2010 22:29
Rabid, insane Brit cops continue in their efforts.... justify their existence in the face of 25-40% departmental budget cuts. Hilarious! ... 7 Aug 2010 12:37
Who says Chinese mfg. has hurt camera quality?
EVERYONE! Olympus used to be as solid as a rock when it came to camera reliability. You rarely ever heard of any kind of failure. ... 7 Aug 2010 21:18
Photo printing
ZoomIn photo books come in a range of styles - from affordable softcover books to coffee table style hardcover books - all with flawless photo quality, designer themes and our satisfaction guarantee. Ingredients that make our books difficult to resist. ZoomIn photo books come in a range of styles - from affordable ... 3 Aug 2010 08:11
Amazon and Apple, two vile companies probed for price fixing Their ebook pricing is insane. More expensive than a paperback. No printing, no shipping costs at all. ... 3 Aug 2010 11:29
Review sites DESPERATE for SOMETHING to test
The DSLR production doldrums continue to plague camera sites. So the barrel bottom scraping continues. Why doesn't Dpreview test medium format? Car magazines test Ferraris, even though few will ever own them. ... 3 Aug 2010 13:42
But will MS's overheat in the sun, like the Crapple iPad?
Ballmer: Microsoft feels tablet 'urgency' Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that the software giant is urgently working with its partners to unveil a host of tablet computers running Windows 7, to compete with Apple's fast- selling iPad. ... 2 Aug 2010 10:23
Nikon: Another plastic body about to bite the dust
The D90 had a good body, as far as plastic goes. But, it had issues with heavier lenses, flexture and contact losses. The new one won't. * The Nikon D90 replacement will probably be called Nikon D95. * Magnesium body. Previous reports indicated that parts of the body will be aluminium. My guess here i... 5 Aug 2010 15:50
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