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Sigma, SD15 delayed. Does anyone care?
Sigma's SD15 DSLR hit by further delay Thursday 27th May 2010 Sigma has once again delayed the launch of its long-awaited SD15 DSLR, Amateur Photographer understands. ... 6 Jun 2010 18:22
My new photosite
Hi, I nearly finished my new photosite, at least all the photos are online, just a few details left to be done. Ofcourse I would like to have some viewers and comments, so feel invited to have a look and let me know if you like it. The Site is german, but I intentionally left the navigation and keywords in en... 1 Jun 2010 08:41
Coming Out Of Your Shell For The 24/1.4G!!!
On Tue, 25 May 2010 19:37:06 -0400, "Larry Thong" <larry_thong(a)> wrote: Even the shiest of models will pose for the 24/1.4G. I can't believe it, but this lens works really well at f/5. <> Move along folks. Nothing to se... 27 May 2010 18:13
Tripod Mount for Rokinon 800mm????????
I have a Sony A100 DSLR and just snagged a good deal on a Rokinon 800mm mirror lens with the Rokinon 2X double to take it to 1600mm. My tripod has a quick connect base mount and all this mass hanging off the front of the camera body does not help the stability. 23 Jun 2010 14:01
Olympus dalliance with DSLRs over?
Could be, if you read this report. ... 29 May 2010 11:25
Low cost large format sensors? This might be interesting for the future of larger format imaging sensors - to bring the cost down. Note the comment at the end re gallium nitride which "works well in the visible spectrum". ... 21 May 2010 18:24
Pentax K-x vs. Nikon D5000
I want to upgrade my Pentax *ist-DL. Reasons: slooow autofocus, poor low light performance, upgraditis(!). The obvious choice seems to be the K-x. Does anyone have any experience with this camera? What about the much discussed blur at certain shutter speeds? Given the current market scenario, would it be more sen... 24 May 2010 03:42
Dpreview, not just whores, but CHEAP whores to boot!
First off, Dpreview gets shafted by Sony, who release the NEX cameras to other sites to review. Then, Dpreview gets hold of the camera, finds out the 16mm f2.8 lens is a DOG (I presume) and tries to hide the fact from their readers by only using sample shots taken at narrow apertures! Then Sony, after other sites... 26 May 2010 13:38
Please vote for my little sister
She submitted all her images for the Olympus PEN E-PL1 Test drive. You can see them here: She'd appreciate any votes and comments you can throw my way. If you only have time for 1 comment head to page 19 and find "The Beauty Of Uncertainty". Thanks in advance. Fan her ht... 18 May 2010 23:39
Don't view on a full stomach ... 24 May 2010 14:38
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