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Is Pentax 645 going to become a difficult camera to get?
Seems like it might. $10k, 40 megapixels (MUCH cheaper than the competition) and the camera itself is really nice to use. But, perhaps Pentax doesn't have the production capability to meet demand, or maybe there aren't enough sensors to make the numbers of these they'd like to? http://www.amateurphotographer.c... 19 Jun 2010 18:57
Sony NEX sales, question
The metal bodied one, or the plastic? Which will triumph? ... 8 Jun 2010 04:47
Mad Cow disease did hit epidemic proportions as predicted by some. But it only hit Brit politicians and fake cops.
Ever feel like smacking some of these politicos in the head with a heavy monopod? It's bad enough the fake police (forget what they call them) in Britain are idiots, but some of the politicians are off their rockers. 4 Jun 2010 00:34
It's official! Sony couldn't fix the NEX lens problem.
Could probably get away with the 16mm at f2.8 in a pinch, but it isn't in the same league as better micro 4/3rds lenses. There is a limit of what you can do with a set amount of funds, and Sony needs to spend more and make the 16mm more expensive so it can do a proper job. There is a reason a Zeiss 21mm for a FF c... 5 Jun 2010 20:16
Simple hack to get $500 to your home.
Simple hack to get $500 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on left side below search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque.please dont tell to anyone. ... 3 Jun 2010 12:21
How good is the 17-40 /f/4L?
Robert Coe <bob(a)1776.COM> wrote: What do the denizens of this newsgroup (those in the Canon world anyway) think of the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens? An excellent lens for the price. Bokeh is odd but color and sharpness are quite good on a 7D. Solid construction. Don't miss the IS on a wide-angle lens. [...]... 10 Jun 2010 02:25
Sony splitting up?
On Tue, 1 Jun 2010 14:19:14 -0700 (PDT), RichA <rander3127(a)> wrote: If they get it to work seamlessly, it will be good, it'll also cost a bit since a decent split-image mirror will cost a fair amount. If you thought sensor cleaning was a problem ... ... 2 Jun 2010 07:41
Devil's Paintbrush (Orange Hawkweed) - Hieracium aurantiacum
Just for shits & grins, here's a photo of a common (region dependent) wildflower that some of you more-urban denizen may not have seen before. I though these had died-out in my meadows due to some harsh freeze-outs, but I found a large 30x40 ft. ... 1 Jun 2010 13:08
Foxconn, Apple's factory of death
Why are the workers offing themselves? According to the ACFTU the proportion of China's GDP that goes towards wages and salaries has continued to shrink since 1983, having dropped from 65.5% in 1983 to 36.7% in 2005. Meanwhile the proportion of returns on capital in GDP had risen by 20% in the 27 years through 2... 6 Jun 2010 16:06
Samsung NX10 a disaster for video?
Too bad. It's fine as a still camera. ... 29 May 2010 22:20
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