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>> All that's needed for film and paper developers is ascorbic acid,
>> phenidone, and sodium carbonate and/or borax. For fixer all that is
>> needed is sodium thiosulffate. Water is often used as a stop. All but
>> the phenidone should be close at hand. Ten grams of phenidone will
>> make 250 liters of developer. Likely that would be mail-order.
> I'll have to look around for them. I have not seen them sold here,
> and have seen several questions, but never any answers about buying them.

The problem is that you're in Israel, whereas most people reading this
newsgroup are in the United States or Europe, with perhaps a few more in
other countries. We just don't know what specific sources of supply to

You might consider checking out APUG ( My impression
is that it's less US-dominated than this newsgroup. At the very least,
there are lots of active European members. Although I don't recall any
specific posters from Israel, there may be some lurkers or others who can
recommend likely TYPES of places to look for stuff, or non-Israeli sources
who'll ship to Israel for reasonable prices. (As I've posted before, JD
Photochem in Canada [] ships internationally.)

Among common developer and fixer ingredients, sodium sulfite, sodium
carbonate, and either sodium thiosulfate or ammonium thiosulfate will be
your heaviest items, and therefore the ones that are most important to
locate locally to minimize shipping costs. Check Lloyd Erlick's site
( for one man's tale of
locating a local source of bulk chemicals in Canada. Although his source
is likely useless to you, his procedures for finding it might help.
Another resource might be the Household Products Database
( Click the "Ingredients" tab and
type in a chemical name to see what sorts of products use it. For
instance, I typed in "sodium thiosulfate" and found that it's used in
ammonia remover for goldfish tanks, so checking pet stores might turn some
up. (Chances are you'd pay ridiculous prices at a pet store, though.)

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