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Neil Harrington wrote:

> This morning's (Wednesday) Investor's Business Daily has a front-page
> headline saying:
> "45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting
> If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul.

IBD has as much credibility at Fox News, the New York Post, and the
Washington Times. It's an extreme right wing newspaper. Of course they
would publish such a "poll." You can fairly certain that the opposite is
actually true.

If IBD says something about health care, global warming, etc. you can
give it the same credibility as if Rush or Sean or Glenn said the same
thing--no credibility at all.
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Ray Fischer wrote:
> Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:

>> Well, if the government would stop stealing my money and giving it away to
>> anyone who happens to wander across our borders,
> The usual rightard bigotry and lies.
> It's all they have.

Haven't you seen the piles of stolen cash that the government keeps at
the border crossings that they give to anyone coming in that is not
supposed to be coming in?

At least it's clear who Joe Wilson was appealing to when he shouted his
lie during Obama's speech. It makes absolutely no difference to the
people praising Joe Wilson that there is nothing in the health care bill
that gives coverage to illegal aliens, and Wilson knew that his audience
would not know or care that he was lying.
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"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote:

> Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
>> "tony cooper" <tony_cooper213(a)> wrote in message
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>>> Program. The government pays up to 75% of the premium cost (just like
>>> Stanford paid part of your health care program), but US
>>> Representatives pay $300 a month and US Senators pay $600 per month.
>>> If you had chosen to work for the US government, instead of a private
>>> sector organization, you'd have a similar plan.
>> Accepting your own figures, Stanford paid less than half of my plan, but the
>> senators get 3/4 of their plan paid for. And, while I was working for
>> Stanford, the half they paid was really coming out of my salary. Also, you
>> don't mention that the congressmen get a fully paid retirement for life,
>> while the rest of us get a $1500 a month social security check. I still
>> claim that the congress should have to live with what the average citizen
>> has to live with.....
> Top-level executives of major corprations typically get paid
> $2,000,000 to $20,000,000 per year. A senator's salary is
> $174,000.
Again, you are showing your ignorance. THAT'S NOT SALARY, dumbshit!

Damn, a lump of lignite has more logic than your dumbass...

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"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote:

> Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
>> I had to work 40 years before I was able to retire, and my social security
>> check represents only about 30% of my total income.....
> Smirk.

That's about all you are capable of doing.

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"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote:

> Neil Harrington <secret(a)> wrote:
>> "C J Campbell" <christophercampbellremovethis(a)> wrote in message
>>> On 2009-09-14 00:41:22 -0700, Chris H <chris(a)> said:
>>>> In message <-LSdnTmqLZv-9DDXnZ2dnUVZ_q6dnZ2d(a)>, Bill Graham
>>>> <weg9(a)> writes
>>>>> Our schools have become socialist training grounds.....9 out of 10
>>>>> university instructors are liberals.
>>>> Are you saying that republicans are too generally stupid to teach?
>>>> Or
>>>> are you saying that republicans are too self centred to teach others?
>>>> or
>>>> are you saying that republicans are too short sighted to teach the next?
>>>> generation?
>>>>> Have you read any textbooks recently? They might as well have been
>>>>> written by card carrying communists. They are winning the battle simply
>>>>> by being better organized.
>>>> Are you saying that republicans can't organise themselves?
>>> Blech. Between the John Birchers and the rabid socialists on this board, I
>>> wonder sometimes if I am the only one around here that is not a part of
>>> the lunatic fringe on left or right.
>> No, you're not the only one; I'm not part of either lunatic fringe either.
> Oh yes you are.

The friggin' IRONY! Hey Fish-Rot, is your nickname "Ferro-boi"?