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>>>> Program. The government pays up to 75% of the premium cost (just like
>>>> Stanford paid part of your health care program), but US
>>>> Representatives pay $300 a month and US Senators pay $600 per month.
>>>> If you had chosen to work for the US government, instead of a private
>>>> sector organization, you'd have a similar plan.
>>> Accepting your own figures, Stanford paid less than half of my plan, but the
>>> senators get 3/4 of their plan paid for. And, while I was working for
>>> Stanford, the half they paid was really coming out of my salary. Also, you
>>> don't mention that the congressmen get a fully paid retirement for life,
>>> while the rest of us get a $1500 a month social security check. I still
>>> claim that the congress should have to live with what the average citizen
>>> has to live with.....
>> Top-level executives of major corprations typically get paid
>> $2,000,000 to $20,000,000 per year. A senator's salary is
>> $174,000.
>Again, you are showing your ignorance. THAT'S NOT SALARY, dumbshit!

Gee, an income of $20,000,000 isn't as good as a salary of $174,000.

Apparently kerby is just a rightard idiot.

Ray Fischer

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> > (Snort)
> Swine flue?

Pigs seldom have chimneys.

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>> > Never trust a man who gives online retorts with *no* substance.
>> Well, you'd certainly be an expert on *that*, "mikey".
> OOOOOOOO what a retort

No, more of an alembic: distilled truth.
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>>> Yeah, those sorts of figures astound me. In Australia, people were
>>> bitching when the government increased the Medicare levy from 1% to
>>> 1.5% of salary.
>> Well, you guys need an AMA to lobby your congressmen the way they do
>> here......
> The AMA originally lobbied against the way we do it here.

Indeed. I remember all the dire threats of doctors leaving the country and
all the rest when Whitlam introduced Medibank (the precursor to the
Australian Medicare). Needless to say, it didn't happen.

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> > (Snort)
> Swine flue?

Pigs seldom have chimneys.

Must be crappy in your house