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>> mikey4 wrote:
>>> Just what do you think is happening right now????????? Why do you think
>>> people are so PISSED????????
>> You have a very small number of people that are "PISSED" and they are
>> pissed because their handlers tell them to be pissed, not because they
>> have even the slightest understanding of what's going on. They aren't out
>> there reading The Economist to gain an in-depth understanding of the
>> complex issues, they're listening to lies from Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity,
>> Rush, and the Heritage Foundation. They have no capacity or desire to even
>> try to learn. Such is the state of the right-wing.
>> The rest of the population may not be too happy about the bailouts but
>> they have developed the critical thinking skills to understand why the
>> government could not let companies like AIG fail, why the major banks
>> could not be allowed to fail, and why manufacturers with billions of
>> dollars of pension liabilities were better bailed out than allowed to
>> fail. Yes, it's not fair. The alternative would have been far worse.
>> No one blames Obama for this mess. They may put too much of the blame on
>> George W. Bush since the political philosophy that led us down this road
>> was began by Ronald Reagan, who has near god-like status among the right
>> wing, and cannot be blamed for anything.
>You mean the philosophy of encouraging the banks to lend money for mortgages
>to people who didn't have any money for a down payment, and poor work
>records to make the payments? I don't think so.

One word too many.

It wasn't those lenders that caused the collapse of the financial industry.

Ray Fischer

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>>>>> Much the same with the latest ACORN scandal, which stunk so badly that
>>>>> even Democrats in Congress finally voted to stop funding ACORN. But you
>>>>> never even heard about it from ABC, CBS or NBC, did you?
>>>> [Nonsense deleted...]
>>>> What was shown on tape from a *few* ACORN locations (but where
>>>> were the reportings of the ones that threw out these imposters?)
>>>What makes you think ANY of the ACORN offices did or would do any
>>>differently from the ones on tape? ACORN is rotten and corrupt to the
>> If that's true then it must also be true of the Republican party given
>> the number of Republicans who have been shown to be lying,
>> philandering hypocrites.
>Just like the lefttards

Never trust a man who gives online retorts with *no* substance.
mikey in <h8rvun$1hb$1(a)>
Ray Fischer

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Neil Harrington <not(a)> wrote:
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>> All the Canadian patients who come to the US for necessary
>> health care have the costs paid for by the Canadian health
>> care system. That includes elective procedures.
>No, I don't think so.

You don't think.

>> The spending in Canada is about half per person of the
>> US health costs.
>Because it's rationed.

That's a bald-faced lie.

It's the US that rations health care. People die as a result.

Ray Fischer

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tony cooper wrote:
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>> Bill Graham wrote:
>>> If I were a professional house breaker, I would go to some country
>>> where no one is allowed to own a gun. That's just good common sense.
>> Unfortunately for you, those are the countries where neighbours are
>> friendly and look out for each other....
> Countries like, say, Scotland?
> "A United Nations report has labelled Scotland the most violent
> country in the developed world, with people three times more likely to
> be assaulted than in America.
> England and Wales recorded the second highest number of violent
> assaults while Northern Ireland recorded the fewest." (2005)

I've never held the UK up as an example, as in many ways it
follows/emulates the US...
That is unfortunately (Yob culture) why I would have serious
reservations about living there.
But I have similar or worse reservations about living in the U.S. (apart
from a very few places).

In most (the vast majority) of Europe, volent crime rates are a fraction
of the U.S. (and U.K.) ones.

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Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
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>> Well I was pissed watching GWB spending BILLIONS on a war while giving
>> MASSIVE tax breaks to the wealthy. I was pissed watching him do NOTHING
>> other than watching the economy fail. Were you? Some of us didn't just
>> "wake up" because a republican wasn't in the white house. If Obama had
>> been handed a healthy country and done this, I'd be pissed right there
>> with ya, but that isn't what happened.
>> Stephanie
>I still don't understand about these, "massive tax cuts to the wealthy". the
>last time I checked, the more money you make, the greater percentage you
>have to pay, .....that's what the tax tables in the form 1040 tell me.....

That's the sort of ignorant thinking that gets rightards into trouble.

There are many ways the wealthy get to pay lower taxes. Here's one:

Long-term capital gains and dividends aren't taxed as regular income.
It's a flat 15% even before you find any deductions. So, if you own a
ton of stock that pays you $250,000/yr in dividends then you pay no more
than 15% of that as income tax. If you are given $100,000,000 in
stock by the company and you sell it a year later, you pay 15%.

If you earn $150,000 as straight salary then you pay about twice as

Ray Fischer