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Bill Graham wrote:

> Yes. The property taxes should be a fixed percentage of the value of the
> property whenever it changes hands, whether it's to your children or
> not. The first year your child spends in his new house, he should be
> taxed at the going rate, and not at some artificial rate that was there
> to protect his retired parents from having to give up their home when
> they retired. I'm not sure I believe in property taxes at all.....If I
> thought about it, I would probably come to the conclusion that income
> taxes are or should be all the government needs to pay for all the goods
> and services they provide. I don't even think they should be in the
> education business at all, but if they are, there is no reason that
> income taxes couldn't pay for that too....

I would not favor higher income taxes and no property taxes. The present
system of lower income taxes plus deductible property taxes encourages
home ownership which has other benefits to society as a whole. Eliminate
property taxes and raise income taxes and there's much less incentive to
own rather than rent.
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> How come David gets triple plonked?
> Didn't the first two plonks take?
"Triple Plonk" is like a Triple Play.

Goes in the record book.

No, thank YOU!

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>>>> Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
>>>>> TO
>>>>> PAY. That's regressive taxation in anyone's book.
>>>> As usual, graham is wrong on both counts.
>>>> A "regressive" tax structure charges more for LOWER incomes.
>>>> The very welathy can actually pay a LOWER tax rate because their
>>>> income is not always in the form of salaries.
>>> Sales tax, and the horribly misnamed "FairTax" are the most regressive
>>> because lower income people spend a far greater portion of their income
>>> on
>>> taxable goods than rich people.
>>Then *all* taxes are regressive as the lower income group has less in
>>pocket after the taxes then the higher income group.
> You're being stupid again. It's not how much you HAVE, it's how much
> you PAY as a proportion of your income/wealth.
> Learn to read.
> --
I believe that's just what I said but lets try it this way. You make
$30,000 and pay say 15% in taxes how much money is left in your pocket vs.
the guy who is making say $100,000 paying 35%. Now WHO has the least after

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>>> --
>> Sorry to disappoint you once again ray. What is under that header are
>> pieces of several different posts, none of which are mine.
> Mikey, you're wasting your time. Talking sense to Fischer is never going
> to get you anything sensible in return -- all Fischer can do is repeat the
> same bullshit he has already repeated over and over, as he has done here.
> He's totally worthless. I have just killfiled him and suggest you do the
> same.
What's interesting is that he acts the very same way in all the news groups
you find him in.

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>>">>>>> If your news reader can't get you to the article using that, try
>>>>Thank you John for posting the link, the only part that post that is me
>>>>the header.
>>> mikey tries to deny his own words.
>>> Nothing but a rightard coward.
>>Sorry to disappoint you once again ray. What is under that header are
> mikey tries to deny his own words. Typical rightard cowardice.
> --
Tell you what ray, I'll find the post and I'll repost it in it's entirety
right here.
The real coward in this group and all the others you post in is you. You
are a coward for snipping out anything you don't have the guts to respond to
with anything but name calling. You are a coward because you will never
admit to being wrong, just what I would expect from a *little* ,choke, man.
I have dumped my sent folder because I didn't think I would have to defend
against a liar and a sniveling sad little man, will take me a little time to
dig it out.