From: Why Tea on
On Sep 13, 11:12 am, Sherry Morris <morri...(a)> wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:29:53 -0700 (PDT), Why Tea wrote:
> > I'd just take a step back to understand what the various sections
> > mean in the autorun.inf. If we can understand what each section means,
> > we must be able to do it manually. That's my theory anyway...
> I agree. The autorun.inf seems to perform the following ...
> There MUST be other people out there with a SanDisk U3 flash drive?
> Aren't there?
> 1. It looks like the autorun.inf first calls "LaunchU3.exe -a".
> 2. Then, it looks like it unzips and runs LaunchPad.exe
> (I think) which is inside that zip file.
> But, the question is how to run that manually?
> S
> [AutoRun]
> open=LaunchU3.exe -a
> icon=LaunchU3.exe,0
> [Definitions]
> Launchpad=LaunchPad.exe
> Vtype=2
> [CopyFiles]
> FileNumber=1
> [Update]
> URL=
> [Comment]
> brand=CruzerBFG

My guess is this, during auto-run:
1) is copied by Windows to
"C:\documents and settings\sherry\application data\<some long
2) "LaunchU3.exe -a" is launched and it looks into the directory
for, unzip it and continue execution

You can prove this on a "working" notebook by doing a search
of the zip file in C:\documents and settings\ for all hidden and
system files. You might find there. I also think
the <some long number> is generated by Windows during
runtime and it could be different each time. If that's true, you
might never be able to run it manually.
From: Sam S. on
On Fri, 12 Sep 2008 22:20:10 -0700, Sherry Morris wrote:

> What is the freeware that is recommended to install on a flash drive as a
> portable application for encryption of partitions?

You can't disable autorun on a flash drive or CD or half the programs on
the planet will stop running, you idiot! And, you can't run software off
that without installing them into the Windows registry.

You need some serious help!