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>>>>> You would be breaking the zoning laws.....I have absolutely nothing against
>>>>> zoning laws.
>>>> Why should there be any zoning laws, hypocrite? Don't people have the
>>>> right to do as they please with thier own private property?
>>> Irony is not one of Bill's strong points.
>> Of course they don't. They can't put a boiler factory next door to your
>> house. They can't put a bar (smoking or non-smoking) next door to your
>> house, either. But what has this got to do with the city not allowing
>> people to smoke in some of the bars in town? - Nothing, that's what.
>> Why do I have to teach you liberals logic? I am retired, and I never
>> liked teaching anyway. And teaching logic to a liberal is like teaching
>> blind people to mix paint.
>As I was saying, irony is not one of Bill's strong points.
>It seems we just had a little "whoosh" moment there.

But to be fair, it's common amoung rightards to be hypocritical and
clueless. You cannot be a selfish bigot and use your brain at the

Ray Fischer

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Does Chris H lack a sense of humor?
Does he not know irony? Sarcasm?
Just askin.
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>Does Chris H lack a sense of humor?
>Does he not know irony? Sarcasm?
>Just askin.


It was so well done it looked real... there are a lot who would have
written that seriously. :-)
\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/

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On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 08:19:56 +0000, Chris H <chris(a)> wrote:

>In message <tbbkk511vpbrldlb161rmlpdf63lagc3du(a)>, bob(a)
>>Does Chris H lack a sense of humor?
>>Does he not know irony? Sarcasm?
>>Just askin.
>It was so well done it looked real... there are a lot who would have
>written that seriously. :-)

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> Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote:
The basic idea of the "philosophy" is that the
rich and powerful have the right to use and abuse their wealth and power in
any way they want.

weg9 says: By not giving it away to idiots who keep having children they
can't pay for? Give me a break! I have charities. I give money every month
to people who were born with Down's syndrome and were abandoned by their
parents. They are the way they are through no fault of their own. These are
the ones who were abandoned by your Christian God. I do what I can to undue
His cruelty. But my government could care less about that. They steal my
money from me and give it to indolents who, in spite of being born healthy,
with all their fingers and toes, and a perfectly adequate brain, choose to
live off their fellow man and vegetate in front of the TV all day and have
children just to get more money from the taxpayers. No, I have charities,
but they are real charities. I can't trust my government to know who is
really deserving and who is not......As a matter of fact, that's the whole
problem. I can't trust my government, and you trust them to not only give
your money away, but to steal mine and give it away too!