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Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
>$742ec2ed(a), "Ray
>> Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote:
> The basic idea of the "philosophy" is that the
> rich and powerful have the right to use and abuse their wealth and power in
> any way they want.
>weg9 says: By not giving it away to idiots who keep having children they
>can't pay for? Give me a break!

Oooo! A social darwinist!

Ray Fischer

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George Kerby wrote:
> On 1/22/10 11:38 AM, in article 4b59e2b9$0$22267$607ed4bc(a), "peter"
> <peternew(a)> wrote:

>> the stupidity of the anytard
> The stupidity of the FishRottard.

All right, already!