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>>>Yes. And when there exists a policy of stealing money from the rich
>>>(successful) and giving it to the poor (unsuccessful) the average
>>>intelligence of the human race deteriorates as a result. The unsuccessful
>>>just have more children, and the successful, fewer.....
>> If you try to measure survival and evolutionary success in dollars you are
>> sadly mistaken. For starters, intelligence and wisdom are in no way equated
>> with financial wealth. Money just begets more money, with or without you.
>> The trait of greed, the only way to attain more material gain than another
>> human, is an anathema to survival of the species. The greedy person's only
>> goal is survival of themselves, not survival of the species as a whole. The
>> greedy do the utmost harm to everyone else's environment because only their
>> financial wealth matters to them. They cannot even think nor reason beyond
>> that concept. They often have to be forced by laws and punishment or
>> threats of punishment to try to make them even consider the lives of other
>> humans. They're not concerned with anyone's survival past their own
>> life-span. The person who disburses their material gains amongst all
>> equally are interested in survival of humanity, not survival of just
>> themselves. Nor will they make decisions to harm the survival of others nor
>> their environment just to gain financially. If you use financial gain as a
>> yardstick for evolutionary success there will eventually be only one person
>> left on the planet, whoever is the most greedy. Even your own comments
>> proving that your desire for financial gain doesn't equal evolutionary
>> success.
>Great post! (I respond not only to thank you for it, but so that
>I will include it among all the posts preserved on my web site...;-)

The irony of this is that you are reading it and responding to it in a
medium that was developed by "greedy" people. Without the brains,
initiative, and financial investment of these "greedy" people, you
wouldn't have access to the opinions expressed.
Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida