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>> In this country is seems to breed generations of welfare puppies who just
>> live off the government programs that were intended for those who are
>> really disabled by birth or circumstance. Less than 2% of the people
>> drawing welfare checks in this country have some disability, either
>> mental or physical. I would like to get them off of the public dole and
>> give the other 2% 50 times as much money as they are getting now. Is that
>> such a bad thing?
> Hmmm, what would you do with the (presumably mostly
> unable to make a living at this point) 98%?

Uh, "presumably"? Why would you presume that? Most welfare people I've seen
appear to be perfectly capable of earning a living if they wanted to. Of
course they might have to give up spending the day watching Jerry Springer
and Maury, and similarly uplifting programs.

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>> The language, or at least I'm trying to. Sometimes it can be successfully
>> defended, and at other times the Morlocks win, as in the sad case of
>> "prime
>> lens." C'est la vie.
> "The Morlocks" How Wellesian.


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Chris H wrote:
> Agreed. BTW which religion are the "Religious right" in your country?

They call themselves Christians..

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>> but want to apply the new laws to it. And this (sadly) takes away some
>> peoples constitutional rights.
> Whoa! What "constitutional rights" does it take away? If you can show me how
> it does that, I promise to reverse my position on this, on the spot.

It's been pointed our, you continue to ignore the facts.

> No one
> believes more strongly than I do in constitutional rights --

But Neil, you are only interested in YOUR rights. Screw some minority of
the population.

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>>>> It is the job of the US Constitution to protect the rights of the
>>>> minority from the tyranny of the majority,
>>> And you really believe "the tyranny of the majority" is more onerous than
>>> the tyranny of a tiny minority (and their enablers)? How exactly do you
>>> think democracy is supposed to work?
>> Again, do you consider 48% a "tiny minority" because that's how many
>> people voted to approve this the last time it was voted on. You keep
>> spouting this "tiny fraction" when it is anything but.
> Approve what, where? I don't know what you're talking about.

Lets see, I posted the link THREE times and it appears you ignore it
each time. Mainly so you can continue to be ignorant and throw around
this "99%" nonsense.

Once more Neil, explain how 99% of the people agree with you, when 48%
voted the opposite of your opinion on this subject two years ago..