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Neil Harrington <never(a)> wrote:

>Obama has given us nothing but misrepresentations, outright lies, broken
>promises, huge increases in the national debt with more of the same to come,

And there is the seething hatred and bigotry that has infected the
right wing.

Ray Fischer

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stephe_k(a) <stephe_k(a)> wrote:
>I should have added I support the "least corrupt" :-)

As far as I know there are only two ways to get the perfect cadidate
on the ballot:
1) Run for office yourself
2) Die and go to heaven

Ray Fischer

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Savageduck wrote:

> I sincerely doubt that any of them would have place a trust in "God" or
> make such a statement of faith on something so symbolically unchristian
> as money.

The irony of "the root of all evil" has God's name placed on it....

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In Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
> pre-schoolers, and was single. She was a competent short order cook. The
> state of California was giving her $350 a month for her rent, and a couple
> of hundred for her food, and if she had taken a short order cooking job,
> (and there were plenty available then) she would have lost all that, and had
> to pay for child care for her kids, and would have ended up worse off than
> she was. So, she stayed home and did nothing. I thought there should be some
> sort of sliding scale payments for her that would have encouraged her to
> work, but what do I know?

It seems foolish to blame her for that, when it's actually a smart
decision on her part. Maximal financial gain for least effort, with e
unfortunate situation where working full time (if that is even
possible..) she still probably wouldn't earn enough to make up the
difference. To say nothing if she ever got sick.

I've always felt that if the government is going to be in the welfare
(or medical care businesss) then *everyone* should get the same
benefits, instead of the current situation which actually gives the
"disadvantaged" cheaper (and arguably better!) health care than I can
possibly afford on the private market.

- Solomon
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Neil Harrington wrote:
> "tony cooper" <tony_cooper213(a)> wrote in message

>> And, you are a liar. I'm sitting here looking at my wife's "Tabor's
>> Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary", F.A. Davis Company, Copyright 1989.
> Mine is from the early or mid 1950s, I'm pretty sure. Can't find it at the
> moment.

Which is where you seem to still be living... Yeah nothing has changed
in the last 60 years has it?