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> Yes, of course! ;-) Funny that you "get" this so easily, but it appears
> that
> you cannot conceive of others holding different political/social/economic
> views and also being possibly right...;-)

Oh, I understand that others hold different political views, but I know that
they are wrong. They reward laziness and ineptitude, instead of industry and
ability. They ridicule people who save and prepare for their own futures and
they petition their governments to steal from the rich and give to the poor.
They were raised on "Robin Hood" and "The Grinch who Stole Christmas",
instead of the lives of people like Henry Ford and George Westinghouse. They
are a bunch of fellow travelers and Marxists. and today, they have
infiltrated our government to an alarming degree. Its too damn bad.....This
government is only about 350 years old. The experiment is rapidly coming to
an end. In a way, I am very lucky. I have lived to enjoy the best of it. It
will be all downhill from here on out.

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>>>I wonder if Neil has noticed NO ONE has backed him up on anything he
>>>has said here, yet he still believes 99% of the world thinks like he
>> I have seen people argue this way before: You are ALL wrong! EVERYBODY
>> supports me... it is just a quirk of fate that none of them are here.
>> Ask in the real world...
>> Then of course unless you can give an Internet URL that these people
>> approve of it is all "liberal bias" and just propaganda.
>> I have noticed that 99% (:-) of this sort of person also believe that
>> the BBC, CNN and the other mainstream media are in a conspiracy and ONLY
>> Fox news knows the truth.....
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> I call it "religious nuttery", and that does not necessarily refer to
> religion but to a steadfast belief that something is true regardless
> of any countering facts or logic presented that any reasonable
> person would accept, or at least consider. There is far too much
> of this these days, and IT IS REALLY ANNOYING that some
> people seem to prize stupidity over the seeking of truth.
> --DR
Is that why I watch all the news services, but you liberals refuse to watch

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>> The problem with most US Libertarians (and extreme Republicans) is that
>> their world only works if there is a society to give them the room to do
>> it. IF all of us believed as they do I would be living in his house
>> having shot him to get it...
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>> \/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/
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> This is a good summation of the inherent flaw of libertarianism in
> its pure form (never "one for all and all for one", but always "all
> for one that one can get"). In other words, the almost inevitable
> result of pure libertarianism would be a societal return to primitive
> rapaciousness and the loss of freedom and possessions by most
> to the strongest. Good grief! 8^(
> --DR
Wonderful how you visualize a society that has never existed, and know so
much about it. You are describing pure anarchy, and not libertarianism. The
libertarians I know believe in the rule of law, and are not anarchists. We
just believe in maximizing our potential freedoms, and not putting
unnecessary restrictions on living. Like, (for example) first insuring
everyone with taxpayers money, and then forcing everyone to live in a padded
cell to "save the taxpayers money". We are, in a word, the antithesis of

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Fox is not really in favor of religious nuttery, in your snes of the word.
> Fox is simply using the concept as a money making machine. I tend to think
> of Roger Ailes as a modern day Goebels. How many Republican front running
> presidential canditates are not on the Fox payroll.

How would you know? - You never watch it.

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>>> ...There is only one thing to blame, and that is the god damned liberal
>>> democrats, who are really socialists in sheep's clothing. they are the
>>> Robin Hooders who want to take the personal responsibility away from the
>>> people and turn them into a bunch of welfare puppies....The Barney
>>> Franks, Chris Dodd's, and Nancy Pelosi's that I have hated all of my
>>> adult life.....People like Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. They don't
>>> even answer my letters....Try emailing Nancy Pelosi sometime, if you
>>> want an exercise in futility.....We don't have a representative any more
>>> in this country. We are being run by a bunch of fellow travelers who
>>> make separate laws for us to follow, and won't even talk to
>>> us........This country is heading for a revolution....I only wish I
>>> could be around to see it (and help it) happen.
>> Y I K E S ! ! !
>> Sheesh, why don't you just try voting, huh? Stop
>> complaining that some people DID win 'cuz a majority
>> of us REALLY DID WANT THEM TO! So now you
>> are into overthrowing our elections?!?!? STUPID! And,
>> BTW, if you got thousands of letters, could you answer
>> them all, or even a lot of them, especially in detail, and
>> especially if they were generalized, "philosophical", and
>> maybe bordering on hate mail types? Get real... And,
>> BTW, so long as you are civil, you can actually visit your
>> representatives (either in DC, or when they visit their
>> local headquarters) since they do have office hours and
>> then say what's on your mind in person (which should
>> preferably be constructive, and not just a blast like the
>> above). Work for candidates you like, and contribute to
>> them, and don't be such a "baby" if your candidate loses!
>> Also BTW, often revolutions result in REAL tyranny,
>> since the institutions that protected the people are swept
>> away. Try thinking some, instead of just reacting with
>> prejudices...
>> --DR
> There is no way in hell I can combat 100 million stupid liberal democrats,
> and you know it......My only escape now is death. My father was
> wrong.....I should have left this country over 50 years ago, when I still
> had the chance to get away from you bastards. I just wish I could be here
> to see the mess that your 10 or 20 trillion dollar deficit is going to
> cause our grandchildren. I just hope they realize who to kill first. If
> they read my private papers and letters they will know that it wasn't my
> fault.

Our policies, which we all pay for, allowed you to use the ACLU to collect
money for you. As for your leaving perhaps we have an issue upon which we
both agree. Selfish arrogance such as you have displayed has given the
lefties an excuse to grab power. But, you really don't understand that.