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[Oh, I JUST can't resist..............! ;-]

> When Bush wanted to actually invest some of the SS income in American business, the uproar against it was deafening......:^)
> Oh, well there's no accounting for the stupidity of liberals.....

Ummm, that was *before* the recent "vagary" in the stock/bond
markets, I take it...;-) We would, as collectors of SS, "lost our shirts"
in such a stupid deal!

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>>>>I wonder if Neil has noticed NO ONE has backed him up on anything he
>>>>has said here, yet he still believes 99% of the world thinks like he

>>> I have seen people argue this way before: You are ALL wrong! EVERYBODY
>>> supports me... it is just a quirk of fate that none of them are here.
>>> Ask in the real world...
>>> Then of course unless you can give an Internet URL that these people
>>> approve of it is all "liberal bias" and just propaganda.
>>> I have noticed that 99% (:-) of this sort of person also believe that
>>> the BBC, CNN and the other mainstream media are in a conspiracy and ONLY
>>> Fox news knows the truth.....
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>> I call it "religious nuttery", and that does not necessarily refer to
>> religion but to a steadfast belief that something is true regardless
>> of any countering facts or logic presented that any reasonable
>> person would accept, or at least consider. There is far too much
>> of this these days, and IT IS REALLY ANNOYING that some
>> people seem to prize stupidity over the seeking of truth.
>> --DR

> Is that why I watch all the news services, but you liberals refuse to watch Fox?

Well, if one catches a "news" network in enough deceptions,
outright lies, and in actually actively supporting a political party
and a fringe movement enough times, ALL its credibility is lost.
Some of us consider our time watching material that has been
proven worthless (or much worse) MANY times as time
foolishly spent... Or, for the simple, if "A", "B", "C", "D", and
"E" generally provide reliable news information, but "F"
demonstrably does not, then one ceases at some point
wasting time (except for entertainment, perhaps), watching "F".

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>Wonderful how you visualize a society that has never existed, and know
>so much about it. You are describing pure anarchy, and not
>libertarianism. The libertarians I know believe in the rule of law, and
>are not anarchists.

The minute you start making any laws you need to have people to run and
administer it. That is called a local town council. They raise taxes to
fund it.

If you want it more than your local town for example a state you need a
state admin.... they raise taxes to pay for it.

Ditto country.

You want law keepers (sheriff etc) .... some one has to pay for it. That
comes from Taxes

Now you either take part in that society or not. But if not you don't
drive on the roads made by that society, call the police or medics paid
for by that society, sue the street lights paid for by that society..

I suppose it works if you live in a shed miles from anyone else and grow
your own food.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/

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[ The usual stuff about "it's My money, dammit, and no one has
a right to ANY of it" excised...]

> Yesterday I paid $18 for a 10 inch Pizza.....Eighteen F****** Dollars!! I don't know how old you are, but my dad only needed 100
> grand for a comfortable retirement.....I needed a million, and my grandchildren will need 10 million.....Doesn't that mean
> anything to you? How much will you need? and, How are you going to get it?

Gee, I live comfortably on a taxable income of $1700 a year (no, I didn't
forget a comma and a zero...;-). I don't crave things I don't need, and
I do prefer that some of "my" money be spent for the public good. BTW,
I do look around for good pizza, and here the best in town (on sale...)
is a large (really...), thick one, made to order with "real" ingredients and
not made by one of the pizza chains, and it is $14 and it easily satisfies two
people for two meals each (with nothing else needed or wanted with it...).
Quit bellyaching about how hard it is to live on what must be a considerable
income with SS plus investment income from a million dollars, with no
money to spare for those blankitty-blank welfare slackers. Talk about a
demonstration of what a "Grinch" is - you do seem to define it as yourself
from your own writings here...

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> J. Clarke <jclarke.usenet(a)> wrote:

>>I am curious as to how religion in the US could require someone to
>>"relinquish choice". There is no mechanism by which a citizen may cede
>>his voting rights to another party.
> You haven't heard anything of the various cults which demand total
> obedience of followers and use all manner of coercive techniques to
> obtain consent, freedom, and property?

Those abusers do not make all organized religions bad. It is an example of
what can easily happen if we lose vigilance.